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experience - engage - empower


We are a digital consulting company that helps businesses deliver improved customer experience.

Our goal is one outcome: increased engagement with customers both in-store/in-branch and across devices... through implementing measurable, scalable and expedient BAU processes.

... We call it 'Digital Empowerment'.

the way we work...

We base everything we do around the "Three Es"....

Experience, Engagement and Empowerment.

Not every piece of client work we are involved with applies equal weighting to each of these, as there are often different objectives to achieve. But we ensure that they form the basis of everything we do.

We establish a clear and detailed view of the current picture, the possibilities available, assumptions we can work with (and challenge) and of course a view of where the client wants and needs to be in the future.

Everything we deliver is customer centered.

what we do...

We operate as a "technical bridge", building stronger relationships between your stakeholders, BAU capability and the teams involved in taking your digital presence further.

We translate need, vision and strategy and integrate with all parties, to pull together realistic feasability, risks, costs and time to market.

This could be called "roadmapping"... but there is more to this... we have no interest in delivering work, that simply results in your next step being yet more development and delivery.

What we deliver is designed specifically to empower your BAU, to become part of your business process, to enable swift, reactive and proactive market response and initiative.

And we always aim to bring this in-store/in-branch... to strengthen the "pure social" (potentially "viral") nature of your customer relationships. The best engagement opportunities exists between your frontline and your customers after all!

the sort of people we work with...

Perhaps we should have titled this section "what languages do we speak?" In effect, our day to day work involves building relationships and working with any of the following:

... this is not an exhaustive list, far from it. But it is a fair indication of the interactions we engage on regularly.

businesses we have worked with...

Formed in 2003, we've engaged with a number of businesses within the eCommerce sector over the past 12 years, including:

contact us...

We are based in London, but work with clients across the UK and EMEA. You can contact our Head Consultant, James Baker, directly on:

Tel: +44 (0)7739 693078

office address

2 Little London Gardens, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB1 1BF